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Monday, November 14, 2011

Don't Step On My Blue NATO Shoes

NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen came and left, patted Georgia on the back for all its democratic achievements and its contribution to the war in Afghanistan and then said, but you haven't done enough yet to be part of our club.

What exactly does it take to qualify for membership into NATO?

Two decades after the transition from communism, democracy fragile. As the country makes further formal steps towards Europe, important democratic deficits remain in the areas of the rule of law; judicial independence; elections; media independence; and control over corruption.

The politicisation of the vote recount following the general election, which led to the opposition to contest the results and boycott the Parliament for six months, clearly demonstrates that democracy should be strengthened and that the country must make urgent progress with its reform process.

No, this is not Georgia the European think tank FRIDE wrote about in its 2010 review, but Albania, which was invited to join NATO in 2008 and was admitted the following year.

When Rasmussen says Georgian authorities need to show "more determination to undertake further reforms" is just a way of buying time because he cannot say Russian relations are more important to us than you are.

My story for The Moscow Times is here


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