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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nino Burjanadze’s Zombie Apocalypse

"Zombies don't read. They ain't hooked on phonics. So give it a rest."
- Griffin, House of the Dead 2: All Guts, No Glory (2005)

Like a B-movie zombie, Nino Burjanadze is back telling an assembly of disgruntled supporters that a peaceful revolution is needed to force the Saakashvili administration to step down. On March 15th, the former parliamentary speaker and leader of the opposition Democratic Movement-United Georgia party then explained what she meant by peaceful.

“We are not going to raise our hands even against those compatriots, who committed crimes, but if someone dares to raise a hand against us, they will receive a fierce response,” she said.

Instead of promoting democracy with her movement by mobilizing citizens in the regions to organize and develop a functioning civil society, she announced she is setting up “resistance committees” throughout the country “to prepare for a civil disobedience campaign.”

Sowing further seeds of discord she announced she’s ready "to cooperate with "everyone who genuinely aspires setting Georgia free from this regime and who will not make a deal with the authorities." So if you are an opposition leader that believes the best way forward is to actually act like politician by bargaining and compromising instead of organizing yet another doomed protest movement, there is no room for you in Nino’s Zombie crusade.

Nino still believes the best way to attract foreign investors to Georgia, stabilize the economy and create the jobs her supporters really want and need is to overthrow a freely elected government.

(image lifted off facebook)


Jim said...

Excellent Zombie analogy Paul. I always considered that the large portion of Tbilisi citizens meandering in the middle of every road were really Zombies, now maybe Nino and her Hubby Badri can lead these braineaters to the promised land!

Paul Rimple said...

Thanks Jim,
and thanks Nino for giving me something to write about in my blog. It's been a while.

eric said...

At last, bringing one of my favorite cinema themes to bear on one of the most insane policies of power-hungry revolutionary narkomania by an obvious leader of the people, if by people you mean rich, privileged and blessed with a flame-retardant hairdo that must cost more to maintain than the average Georgian citizen makes in a month.

Anonymous said...

It has always been said, that when Nino heads into Ici-Paris for her daily beauty fix, she never comes out, but her father Anzori does...staggers the mind said...

What happened to this lady? She's held high political office since forever (including the honor of Presidency- twice) but she's just off the rails now.

I don't get it. I used to have high hopes for her. :-\

Paul Rimple said...

Off the rails indeed. Hell hath no fury like a Georgian woman scorned.