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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The scum dogs of the caca press

When it comes to bad journalism there are the low-rent lice like Rezonansi newspaper that will publish slanderous pieces under the guise of a paid ad, which they claim to have no editorial control over, and there are the ignominious cockroaches like Rustavi-2 TV, which goes by the motto "if you can't find the news, then invent it."

There is another category of purulent curs, which plummets off the category of bad journalism, to the depths of vile, lowest common denominator propaganda. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the scum dogs of the caca press, the Georgia Times.

Not to be confused with the legitimate English language newspapers Georgian Times (note the plural) and Georgia Today based in Tbilisi or the Georgian Daily website based in NY, the Georgia Times is an ambiguously published fake newspaper, full of twisted stories that slander Georgia.

For those of us who know anything about the region, one look at the Russia Today link on the page is a dead give away this is KGB press, without looking at a single headline. The Georgian language link does not fool us. There is no list of contacts other than an "info@" email - no names, numbers or an address.

One example of the site's creativity is in how they plagiarized my Eurasianet story about gambling and twisted it into a malicious piece on Georgia being a mafia gambling haven full of gambling dope addicts etc etc, by cutting and pasting my lines and adding adjectives to fit the theme. They couldn't resist tossing in a quip about how Andy Garcia played a mafiosa in Godfather III and now is playing Saakashvili.

Get it? Not only are they cheap, but they are clever too!

This round of the information war goes to Russia for reaching the abject lowest in taste, methods and humor. For this, and for dishonoring my story, I have been left with no alternative but to inflict the chingas curse on them, one of the nastiest curses known to man. There is no pity for the victims of the chingas curse, nor is there a cure.

Tip o' the hat to J.O.


nd said...

Wow... Good to know it, looks like the old Russian school.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Can't say anything else.Smart,ironic. Read everything. God help us all.

Anonymous said...
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