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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tbilisi Protests Are Not Good News for Georgians Near South Ossetia

"We're afraid here. We sleep in our clothes. We might have to leave at any moment," says Givi Lapach, a Ditsi villager.

No water, no electricity, no work and occasional handouts from the Red Cross, he says. Such is daily life in Ditsi and other villages like it along the South Ossetia border region. But it could be worse. You can see the ruins of the Georgian village of Eredvi in South Ossetia from a neighbor's orchard. It is very unlikely Georgians will ever be able to return there, at least in this lifetime.

And to make matters worse, the demonstrations in Tbilisi have got these people on edge yet again as Russian armor began to mobilize the day the protests started. My story about this is HERE.

Eka Beselia of Movement for United Georgia party stated that after Easter, the opposition intends to "mobilize" supporters in the regions - which means bus them into the city. I guess the opposition needs reinforcements since fewer people are turning up to their rallies. I advise them to save the gas and stay away from the former "buffer zone."

Incidently, Beselia is Irakli Okruashvili's lawyer. He's the guy that told his cops to "crush the enemy" in reference to South Ossetia and said he would spend New Years Eve in Tskhinvali. Then he stuck a knife in Misha's back and went to hide in France or Germany or some place with all the money he swiped from the secret defense fund. Beselia thinks it would be good for Georgia if he came back to steal more.


Anonymous said...

In the end, with all these protests the opposition will achive one aim: changing Georgian´s human borders and getting all the Georgians in Tbilisi.
Please, concentrate on working together to solve the problems of the country!