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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Zhvania said:

From a Zurab Zhvania lecture, 2002-2003..

"Several weeks ago, during my visit to the US, I discussed Georgian problems with Mr Brzezinski, a friend of long standing. His comment was telling in many ways:

"“Compared to other east European counties, your main problem is your unbelievable inability to compromise with each other, your inconceivable fragmentation. You prefer to waste your time scheming and plotting against each other, rather than finding ways of consolidating around the major national idea, the common state interest.”

"I would say that the fatal mistake of Georgian politics always was and unfortunately still is, the dominance of private, specific interests over the common national ones," Zhvania stated.

In case you don't know, Zurab was a major player in Georgian politics; one of the architects of the Rose Revolution and in his career served as Speaker of Parliament and Prime Minister, until his tragic death in 2005, which of course, this being Georgia, means few believe the official cause of his death - by carbon monoxide poisoning, due to poor ventilation from a cheap gas heater. (image lifted from