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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gali Story

photo: Sophia Mizante

Abkhazia has hailed Russian recognition of its independence from Georgia as the start of a new era, but for Georgians in the southern Abkhaz region of Gali the campaign to strengthen Abkhazia’s statehood poses a dilemma: whether or not to take Abkhaz citizenship.

Many Georgians in Gali, a predominantly ethnic Georgian (Mingrelian) area, fear that they may be forced to take Abkhaz passports, which would require them to forfeit their Georgian citizenship, an act few are willing to make.

Read more here and check out my pal Sophia Mizante's photographs.


ppb said...


I really appreciate your work in Georgia, especially the article about Hip Hop.
I study journalism in France and I'm going to Tbilissi with my school in april. Currently we're making a web site and I'd like to send a e-mail to Sophia Mizante.
Could you please give me her adress?


paul rimple said...

Hey Pierre,
thank you for the feedback.
you can contact Sophia at: