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Friday, October 31, 2008

Circassian girls

Funny what you come across searching for the history of North Caucasus religion...

"Circassian beauties, or "Moss-haired Girls" as they were sometimes known, reflect a curious legacy of racial stereotyping and sexual titillation. Racial theories of the mid 19th century held that the people living in the Circassian mountains near the Black Sea were examples of the “purest stock” of the Caucasian race. Legend had it that the Circassians produced the world’s most beautiful white women, who were consequently in great demand for the harems of Turkish sultans."

Then there's a letter by PT Barnum instructing his representative how to purchase a Circassian girl HERE

There is also a compelling story of Circassian traffic by the London Post August 6 1856 with this as a lede: "There has been lately an unusually large number of Circassians going about the streets of Constantinople."


Anonymous said...

did you write the article in Wikipedia as well? i wonder what they hid in that hair they had

paul rimple said...

They hid swords